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Democratic Presidential Candidate Tim Ryan Defends Debate Performance While In Eastern Iowa

IPR/Pat Blank

Ohio Congressman and Democratic candidate for president Tim Ryan stopped in Eastern Iowa Wednesday. At the University of Northern Iowa, Ryan said he thinks he’s meeting the challenge of setting himself apart from the more than 20 other candidates in the field.

“I think I best understand in that we are living in this age of anxiety, whether it’s economic anxiety or around health care, around what we see with immigration and the reality of it is the candidate that best understands that I think is going to be the candidate that the people are going to put forward," he said.

Ryan also defended what some are calling a lack luster performance in the recently nationally-broadcast Democratic candidate debates.

We had some really great events yesterday when we were here in Iowa, a lot of teachers excited about our education plan, so you know I think it’s one of those unique ideas where you gotta be aggressive to break into the debate, but not be rude and that’s a delicate balance.” he said.

Ryan also planned stops in Waterloo and Dubuque Wednesday.

Pat Blank is the host of All Things Considered