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If It's Been Awhile Since You Voted, You Might Be Hearing From The Secretary Of State

Iowa Secretary of State office

Iowa voters may find a “No Activity for Four Years” notice in their mailbox from Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office.

These notices are required by federal law in order to make sure Iowa’s voter rolls are up to date.

“The no activity notices are being sent to voters who have not voted in any election and have not updated their voter registration information in the last four years,” Pate’s communication’s director Kevin Hall said.

Voters receiving the notices are asked to check the relevant box, sign and return it within one to two weeks.

If the notice is not returned, the voter’s status will be changed to inactive. Once that happens, it is easy to become an active voter again.

“They can update their voter registration status anytime, including on election day, we have same day registration, so all you have to do is bring proof of residence and a photo ID and register to vote right there at the poles,” Hall said.

Anyone who has moved since the last time they voted can update their voter registration information at sos.iowa.gov/registertovote.