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J.D. Scholten Announces Non-Profit, Leaves Door Open for 2020 Run

Clay Masters/IPR
J.D. Scholten Announces non-profit Working Hero Iowa at the Iowa Capitol on 1/23/2019

J.D. Scholten, the Democrat who came within three points of beating Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King in November, announced Wednesday he’s starting a non-profit to help raise awareness for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

“We want to create partnerships with groups like AARP and United Way and elected officials and religious groups and other groups who are focused on helping low-income Iowans with their taxes,” Scholten said at an Iowa Capitol news conference.

He didn’t rule out a run for office in 2020.

“I’m leaving the door open to things,” Scholten said when asked about his political future. “November of 2020 seems pretty darn far away to me at least.”

Scholten said he’ll be traveling around the state to promote the mission of “Working Hero Iowa” and has invited Democratic presidential hopefuls to appear with him.

Clay Masters is Iowa Public Radio’s Morning Edition host and lead political reporter.