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Special State Senate Election in Scott County

Map of the State Senate District 45.

Voters in parts of Scott County have until tomorrow to cast their ballot in the special election for state senate seat in District 45.  The seat in western Davenport and all of the city of Buffalo has been vacant since September, after the death of longtime Senator Joe Seng.

Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz acknowledges that while two days after Christmas isn't the most opportune time to head to the polls, she encourages people to still turn in a ballot.

"People have fought for us to have the right to vote," says Mortiz. "Don't become apathetic." 

Also, voters who have lost their absentee ballot during the chaos of the holidays can still vote. 

"Some people that have gotten them, might perhaps have misplaced them because it’s Christmas," says Moritz. "When they go to their polling location they can just say, 'Hey, I lost my ballot' they’ll call our office, we’ll verify, and then we’ll go ahead and dismiss the first ballot and issue them the second one."

Anyone who still has an absentee ballot shouldn't mail it at this point.  Instead, voters should deliver these forms in person. 

Just like regular elections, voters in special elections can take advantage of same-day registration. Polls are open tomorrow from 7:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night.