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The Procrastinator's Politics - Ep.4


The spookiest, most chilling story of the year thus far? How about this entire election season? This episode starts with a "horrifying" tale that's too scary for the campfire, but just terrifying enough for the 24-hour news cycle. If you haven't voted yet, catch up on our election coverage: We'll talk the third congressional district race and hear from U.S. Senate Independent Candidate, Michael Luick-Thrams. 

Episode 4: 

1. Iowa Secretary of State: Elections Are Not Rigged Scripted by Sarah Boden

2. Early Voting Totals Expected To Be Similar To Previous Elections  Scripted by Dean Borg

3. Trump's Claims About Rigged Elections "Dangerously Inflammatory" by Ben Kieffer and Lindsey Moon

4. Trans-Pacific Trade, Other Issues Divide 3rd Congressional District Candidates by Sarah Boden

5. An Interview with Michael Luick-Thrams, Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate by Ben Kieffer and Katherine Perkins