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Reynolds on Trump Complaints: "Put the Clutter Aside"

Joyce Russell/IPR
Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds and Governor Terry Branstad

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds is speaking out against the reported behavior of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump toward women over the years. 

But she predicts that when Iowa voters go to the polls next month they will focus on other issues.      

It's inexcusable and unacceptable

At the Branstad administration’s weekly news conference, Reynolds was asked about reports of sexual harassment and assault against Trump.

“It's inexcusable, unacceptable, you know that's how I feel,” Reynolds said.  “But there's a lot of misinformation and other issues and we need to put those aside and focus on the direction we want to take this country.”

Reynolds says getting the country "back and on track" should dominate the decision for Iowa voters.

“As we have the opportunity to travel the state, they're asking questions that matter,” Reynolds said.   “We need to put the clutter aside, put the distraction aside.”

Polls show Trump with a narrow lead over Hillary Clinton among likely Iowa voters.

Trump has denied accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault and he has vowed to sue his accusers.  

Reynolds headlined an "Iowa Women for Trump" rally in Des Moines earlier this year.    She said the Republican nominee will keep families safe, and she praised his child care policies.

Reynolds was on an overseas trade mission in early October when remarks Trump made in 2005 were first broadcast.