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Grassley Offers No Clarity on Canceled Debate


A conference call with reporters was unable to clear up why Sen. Chuck Grassley withdrew from a debate on Iowa Public Television.

The Republican incumbent was slated to go head-to-head with Democratic challenger Patty Judge on October 20th. But last week his campaign cited unspecified complaints about the IPTV format as the reason for canceling.

When asked what specifically was wrong with the format Grassley directed reporters to contact his campaign staff.

"There's been a lot of discussion on this subject between people I haven't been involved with," says Grassley. "In other words, I haven't been negotiating with the TV stations or my opponent."

Campaign manager Robert Haus told Iowa Public Radio that, “It’s pointless to look backwards,” but adds that IPTV and the campaign dealt with each other in good faith.

Right now a televised Grassley-Judge debate is scheduled for October 19th in Sioux City. The broadcast will reach less than half of Iowa’s counties, though it can be streamed online.