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Booze, Broadband And Budgets

The south side of Iowa's Capitol during the spring.
John Pemble / IPR
It was another busy week as the legislature focused on alcohol deliveries, broadband and budgets.

On this week's Under the Golden Dome:

  • A bill passed in the House allowing third party services to deliver beer, wine or liquor to people’s homes. Current law only allows an employee of a liquor license holder to do this.
  • The governor’s proposal to offer grants for high speed internet unanimously passed both chambers, but funding needs to come from another bill. The House appropriations committee advanced a bill that would add $100 million to that broadband proposal.
  • Other appropriations bills mostly approve status quo department budgets, including the state universities. Another bill adds $20 million to the Department of Corrections budget.
John Pemble is a reporter for IPR