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Jeff Porter's Memoir Tells Heart Wrenching Story Of Losing His Wife

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Charity Nebbe

It happened on a normal day. A typical summer day. Claire Sponsler went upstairs to do some yoga and then suffered a brain aneurysm and never recovered. Her husband, Jeff Porter, was shocked and heartbroken, but still alive. He had to keep breathing and figure out how to live again.

Porter has written a memoir about the year after Sponsler died, a year he spent grieving and grappling with how to live and how to remember. The memoir is called "Planet Claire: Suite for Cello and Sad Eyed Lovers." Both Porter and Sponsler spent many years teaching in the English Department at the University of Iowa. He now divides his time between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Tucson, Arizona.


Jeff Porter, author, "Planet Claire: Suite for Cello and Sad Eyed Lovers"

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