Katie Peikes


Katie Peikes is a Sioux City-based reporter for Iowa Public Radio.

Katie joined IPR in July 2018 as its first-ever western Iowa reporter. Before she moved to Iowa, Katie worked as a science reporter and fill-in host for Delaware Public Media, where she spent two years reporting on Delaware's coast and the region’s poultry industry.

Katie has also worked as a journalist in Utah, where she reported on a wide range of topics including local government, education and the environment. She is originally from Connecticut.

Katie's favorite public radio program is Science Friday.

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A new study suggests what the climate in several major Iowa cities could feel like by 2080.

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A mental health center that had an uncertain future nearly a year ago, will soon be shared by counties across the western part of the state. The move comes as Woodbury County changes the way it will provide mental health services next budget year.

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A western Iowa principal recently returned home from Puerto Rico where he spent a week helping to rebuild a school affected by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

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A western Iowa city that has been dealing with brown tap water for almost a year says it has finally found a fix.

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Developers are bringing a shuttered historic hotel in Sioux City back to life.

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An Iowa State University scientist is turning to the public to help her catalog thousands of species in a recently discovered collection at northwest Iowa’s Lakeside Lab.

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An investigation into three Denison city employees has come to a close. The workers were placed on paid leave in December.

Jim Gilliam was hired by the BrownWinick law firm in Des Moines to conduct the investigation. He informed the city council last week that he found no evidence of criminal conduct or personal profit among Fire Chief Cory Snowgren, City Clerk Lisa Koch and City Manager Terry Crawford, who were all placed on leave from Dec. 18 until Jan. 9.

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Northwest Iowa’s Great Lakes region is big on summer tourism. And local businesses depend on it. According to the Iowa Tourism Office, visitors spent $286 million in Dickinson County in 2017.

But even when the lakes freeze over in the winter, the area keeps tourists and locals excited with The University of Okoboji Winter Games.

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Iowa Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King Saturday held his first town hall since he was rebuked by colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives and was removed from committee assignments over a controversial comment in a New York Times story.

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A western Iowa county supervisor and former state lawmaker has joined a growing field of Republicans preparing to challenge Rep. Steve King for his U.S. House seat in 2020 if he seeks a 10th term.

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The annual University of Okoboji Winter Games kicks off Thursday.

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The northwest Iowa man who burned four LGBTQ library books in Orange City last year has pleaded not guilty to fifth-degree criminal mischief.

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If skies are clear Sunday night, the moon will look pretty ominous.

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After Iowa's 4th District Congressional Representative Steve King defended the terms “white nationalist” and "white supremacist" in a New York Times interview,  Republican leaders loudly criticized him.

The House voted nearly unanimously on Tuesday to condemn King’s remarks.

Now, King’s constituents in western Iowa are thinking about his political future.

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Sioux City council members have gotten a look at the latest plan to transform a vacant lot along the city’s riverfront into a tourist destination.

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Some staff members have returned to wildlife refuges in the Midwest after being furloughed from work for nearly three weeks due to the partial federal government shutdown.

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A northwest Iowa senator has announced he’ll set up a federal campaign committee to run for the U.S. House, the first step to challenging Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, in a primary if he chooses to seek a 10th term.

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Three Denison city employees return to work today after being placed on paid leave nearly three weeks ago.

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The partial government shutdown has limited services at wildlife refuges around the country. But that’s not stopping birders and other wildlife enthusiasts from going out and exploring.

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A Sioux City native who survived sexual abuse in the Catholic church hopes bringing his experience to the public will encourage more people to come forward.

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The company that bought the idled Tyson Foods plant in northwest Iowa aims to open for business early in 2019.

A new museum exhibit in Sioux City shows how popular Christmas toys have changed from the 1900s to the present. 

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The western Iowa city of Denison is known as the hometown of actress Donna Reed. And residents have embraced that.

Every year just before the holidays, a theater bearing Reed’s name makes it a tradition to show the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life."


This year, they hosted a screening with Spanish subtitles — a nod to the town’s large Hispanic population.

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Woodbury County supervisors on Tuesday approved an ordinance to ensure large trucks don’t apply loud compression brakes on some county roads, but critics of the ordinance still believe it is unenforceable.

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A western Iowa county has agreed to use space in its juvenile detention center to house a South Dakota tribe’s troubled youth.

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Woodbury County supervisors are considering an ordinance that would prohibit trucks from using loud compression brakes on some county roads, but other western Iowa counties that have a similar ordinance in place say it’s difficult to enforce.

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A northwest Iowa man who burned four LGBTQ library books in Orange City in October has received a fifth-degree criminal mischief charge.

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A University of Iowa scientist is studying different ways to manage flooding in northwest Iowa’s great lakes.

MedPharm's Aliviar branded medical cannabis products were on display at the MedPharm manufacturing facility in Des Moines Wednesday, October 17, 2018.
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The company that runs two of Iowa’s medical cannabis dispensaries is calling their first weekend of sales an “absolute success.”

Iowa’s only medical marijuana manufacturer MedPharm Iowa reports it served about 120 patients at its Windsor Heights dispensary in suburban Des Moines and at least 15 in Sioux City over the weekend.

MedPharm’s General Manager Lucas Nelson was at MedPharm’s Windsor Heights dispensary. He said opening day was “a whirlwind of emotions.”

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Iowa’s long awaited medical cannabis program began Saturday, as people with certain medical conditions were able to buy medical marijuana at five dispensaries in the state.