Katie Peikes


Katie Peikes is a Sioux City-based reporter for Iowa Public Radio.

Katie joined IPR in July 2018 as its first-ever western Iowa reporter. Before she moved to Iowa, Katie worked as a science reporter and fill-in host for Delaware Public Media, where she spent two years reporting on Delaware's coast and the region’s poultry industry.

Katie has also worked as a journalist in Utah, where she reported on a wide range of topics including local government, education and the environment. She is originally from Connecticut.

Katie's favorite public radio program is Science Friday.

Katie Peikes / IPR

Labor union representatives in western Iowa say organized labor has been under attack, but they are continuing to fight for working people.

Katie Peikes / IPR

Retired Navy admiral and former Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak who is running for the Democratic nomination for president, was the only candidate to stop by a Sioux City Labor Day picnic. Sestak spoke with reporters about his support for organized labor and working families, and said unions represent the “last organized force for the working family,” but they’re shrinking.

Iowa National Guard cameramen

People in Sioux City are remembering the life of Captain Al Haynes, the pilot of United Airlines Flight 232 that crash-landed there 30 years ago. Haynes died Sunday in Seattle from a brief illness.

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A group of volunteers is replacing the ceiling in a flood-damaged home in Pacific Junction. Mayor Andy Young is working with them. This home belongs to his daughter.

“That’ll go. Just screw it up atop there,” Young instructed two volunteers as they used electric drills to put drywall into place.

Katie Peikes / IPR

Twelve elementary schools across Iowa with high poverty levels are preparing to transform into schools that use computer science in their studies.

Katie Peikes / IPR

A southwest Iowa restaurant damaged by last spring’s flooding is preparing to make a comeback.

John Pemble / IPR

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says she has approached her life with the motto that nothing is impossible, a lesson taught to her by her grandmother. She is taking that into the 2020 presidential race.

John Pemble / IPR

Retired Navy Admiral and former Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak says there is "nothing we can do by ourselves." He is prioritizing convening the world and banding allies together, and is running to "restore leadership."

John Pemble / IPR

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar says the 2020 presidential race needs a candidate from the Midwest, the heartland of the country, who can look out for rural America.

Katie Peikes / IPR

A northwest Iowa man who burned four LGBTQ-themed children’s library books last year was found guilty of 5th degree criminal mischief Tuesday in Sioux County District Court.

Katie Peikes / IPR

J.D. Scholten, the Democrat who came close to unseating Republican Rep. Steve King in November, rallied supporters in Sioux City Monday. The former minor league baseball player is taking another swing at flipping Iowa’s most conservative congressional district.

Sioux County Sheriff's Office

Authorities are looking into the cause of a freight train derailment in northwest Iowa.

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Woodbury County is starting the process of building a new jail, joining several others around the state that are building new jails or making major renovations.

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Southwest Iowa communities are still struggling to recover from this spring’s flooding.

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Iowa’s Junior U.S. Senator is emphasizing the need to care for migrants coming to the U.S. even as she reiterates her desire to secure the southern border. Republican Sen. Joni Ernst recently returned from a trip to the Texas-Mexico border.

Courtesy of CDC

State environmental officials have started testing the state’s public water supply systems for an emerging chemical of concern.

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The mayor of a small western Iowa town that flooded last spring pitched his idea for a future flood control measure during a town hall meeting Thursday.

Iowa National Guard

Thirty years ago today, a United Airlines plane crashed-landed in Sioux City and killed 112 people; 184 survived.

Courtesy of research.noaa.gov

Most of Iowa is under an excessive heat warning, where temperatures will reach in the 90s and heat index values could be as high as 110 degrees.

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A new analysis released by the Iowa Environmental Council on Tuesday says the state's approach to reducing nutrient runoff into waterways has been slow to meet its goals, six years into having a strategy in place. The analysis projects that at the state's current pace, it could take hundreds to tens of thousands of years for the state to reach some of the goals laid out to improve water quality.

Courtesy of Iowa DNR

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has wrapped up this year’s efforts to treat an invasive plant in the Iowa Great Lakes region. Efforts mostly worked against the plant that grew a little differently than past years, said a biologist.

Courtesy of Sioux County Emergency Management and Fire Rescue

Forecasters have inspected the damage where strong winds hit a highly localized area in northwest Iowa after a heavy storm early Thursday. The estimated 80-miles-an-hour winds damaged one home in Rock Valley, while debris affected others nearby.

Katie Peikes / IPR

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg Wednesday unveiled his plan in Sioux City to expand the number of paid service opportunities around the country. He said doing this could unite people in a nation where "democracy is struggling a little bit."

RiverView Ridge Living Center Facebook page

A fire has heavily damaged a nearly-completed assisted living facility in northwest Iowa. The project aims to fill an assisted living shortage in the community and has now been set back.

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People in nine flood-impacted counties across Iowa now have until mid-July to register for federal help to recover from flooding, Gov. Kim Reynolds announced Monday.

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People in nine Iowa counties hit hardest by flooding from the Missouri and Mississippi rivers have one more week to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to get help recovering from this spring’s flooding. 

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Some southwest Iowa communities have started the process of applying for voluntary federal buyouts to demolish flood-damaged homes.

Courtesy of ISU

Iowa State University researchers may have discovered a more environmentally-friendly fertilizer that could avoid the problems other fertilizers have with washing nutrients into waterways.

Dr. James E. Zablotny / USDA

An invasive beetle is expected to move west in Iowa, prompting one city to look into how to deal with it.

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Iowa’s flood-ravaged cities and counties may decide down the road whether they want to apply for funding to buy peoples’ damaged homes.