Katie Peikes


Katie Peikes is a Sioux City-based reporter for Iowa Public Radio.

Katie joined IPR in July 2018 as its first-ever western Iowa reporter. Before she moved to Iowa, Katie worked as a science reporter and fill-in host for Delaware Public Media, where she spent two years reporting on Delaware's coast and the region’s poultry industry.

Katie has also worked as a journalist in Utah, where she reported on a wide range of topics including local government, education and the environment. She is originally from Connecticut.

Katie's favorite public radio program is Science Friday.

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A northwest Iowa food processing plant that was idled last spring has been bought by a new owner.

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The Sioux City Council is in the middle of mulling a repeal of a longtime city-wide ban on pit bulls and pit bull mixes. A couple of people brought their pit bulls to the council chambers on Monday to share how these dogs have helped them. 

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Some Iowa farmers and ethanol industry advocates say a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal released last week to account for lost demand for renewable fuels because of small refinery waivers is not what President Donald Trump promised. But at a news conference following a meeting in South Dakota with three Midwest Republican governors, the governors said President Trump is committed, and a friend to farmers.

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Sioux City has taken the first step towards repealing an ordinance banning pit bulls and pit bull mixes in the city. City staff recommend repealing the 11-year-old ban as animal regulations across the country ditch restrictions on specific breeds of dogs and turn to more "breed neutral" regulations.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing some major changes to a longstanding rule that regulates lead in drinking water.

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The Iowa Department of Transportation reopened a 10-mile stretch of Interstate 29 in western Iowa around 2 p.m. Monday. 

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A Dickinson County supervisor says he’d like to see regulations tightened on landfills. The county recently reviewed a report on a 2018 train derailment and the disposal of the waste at a local landfill. 

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The Iowa Department of Transportation re-closed a 10-mile section of Interstate-29 in western Iowa Sunday morning, prompted by flooding from the once-again rising Missouri River. A detour is in place. 

Iowa DOT / http://hb.511ia.org

The Iowa Department of Transportation has reopened a 10-mile stretch of Interstate 29 in western Iowa, after flooding closed it late last month. 

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Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst has joined her colleague, Sen. Chuck Grassley in defending the whistleblower whose complaint has sparked the House impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. 

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning to study the lower Missouri River and its tributaries from Sioux City, Ia. to St. Louis, Mo. to look at ways to reduce flood risks and improve infrastructure. 

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Minor flooding is possible in parts of southwest Iowa later this week.

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Emergency managers in western Iowa are preparing for the Missouri River to crest above flood stage this week from high amounts of rain in the forecast, bringing another round of possible flooding to the area. 

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Sections of Interstate-29 and Interstate-680 in western Iowa that have been closed for the last week due to area flooding are now open again to motorists, the Iowa Department of Transportation announced Friday afternoon.

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A fourth Republican challenger has thrown his hat into the ring to unseat Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King from Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, which covers the northwest quarter of the state. 

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Frustrated by the Trump administration’s waivers that excuse some oil companies from using ethanol in their gasoline, some farmers in the Midwest are calling on the administration to reallocate billions of waived gallons. 

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A community in western Iowa is using state flood recovery money to build a berm around town in hopes it will protect people from future flooding. Officials have put their original plan for a protective trail on hold for now.

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Southbound Interstate 29 from Crescent to Council Bluffs has reopened to motorists, but could quickly close again due to more flooding, the Iowa Department of Transportation said Tuesday.

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The latest round of flooding along the Missouri River will likely slowly begin to subside over the next several days. The river reached its peak near Council Bluffs on Monday and is expected to fall below minor flood stage there on Saturday.

Austin Yates / Iowa DOT

Updated at 10:40 p.m. Sept. 20.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has closed a 3-mile stretch of Interstate 680 near the Missouri River, the second highway closure in western Iowa due to the latest round of flooding, as the river creeps towards its crest.

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Officials in western Iowa are watching the rising Missouri River. Water breached a levee in Pottawattamie County Wednesday evening, the third protective structure in the area to breach due to the Missouri River’s third round of flooding this year.

Courtesy of Iowa 511 Traveler Information - Statewide Facebook page.

The Missouri River’s rising water has breached two protective structures in western Iowa’s Pottawattamie County, and the water is continuing toward nearby roadways.

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The rising Missouri River is expected to crest later this week, possibly bringing a third round of flooding to parts of southwest Iowa. Federal officials say they are confident some levee repairs made this summer due to prior flooding will hold. They’re also keeping an eye on some breaches that haven’t been repaired.

Courtesy of the City of Sioux City

Sioux City has started the process of relocating a historic World War II chapel and airmen’s housing project currently sitting near the local airport. The chapel is one of the last remaining pieces of Sioux City’s World War II air base, but doesn’t work with the airport’s current land use.

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The Missouri River’s levels are rising, triggered by recent heavy rainfall in states upriver from Iowa and greater releases from flood control dams. Officials in one southwest Iowa county are advising people to consider evacuating, while others continue to watch the river.

Courtesy of CDC

Sioux City has been working to get its drinking water back to compliance after violating a drinking water standard for disinfection byproducts.


A western Iowa school district has failed to pass a bond for a fourth time in four years, though it significantly pared this one down. 

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A community college in western Iowa is reaching out to countries around the world and bringing international students to the area.

Terry Murrell is the president of Western Iowa Tech Community College. He says the school is the only one in North America where South Korea sends students. 

"We’re kind of the Harvard of South Korea, if you will, so if you go to any of the schools in South Korea, the hardest shirt to get is a Western Iowa Tech shirt over Harvard and some of the other schools."

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Iowa Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King currently has less money to spend on his campaign than his Republican primary challengers, but King says he isn’t worried as he vies for a 10th term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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A group of conservationists is embarking on a four-day scenic bike tour through western Iowa’s Loess Hills region. The tour, which starts Thursday, is designed to get people out to this rare landform and recognize its value.