Katie Peikes


Katie Peikes is a Sioux City-based reporter for Iowa Public Radio.

Katie joined IPR in July 2018 as its first-ever western Iowa reporter. Before she moved to Iowa, Katie worked as a science reporter and fill-in host for Delaware Public Media, where she spent two years reporting on Delaware's coast and the region’s poultry industry.

Katie has also worked as a journalist in Utah, where she reported on a wide range of topics including local government, education and the environment. She is originally from Connecticut.

Katie's favorite public radio program is Science Friday.

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Jeremy Taylor, the Woodbury County Supervisor whose voter registration was canceled Friday, is disqualified from serving on the board of supervisors unless a court order intervenes, Pat Gill, Woodbury County’s Commissioner of Elections, said Monday. 

Jeremy Taylor For Congress / Facebook

Woodbury County's commissioner of elections on Friday canceled the voter registration of a county supervisor who had purchased a home last year outside of the district he was elected to serve. The supervisor, Jeremy Taylor, expressed his intent to file an appeal hours after the decision.

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A recent poll suggests Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has struggled to gain support among African American voters. The former South Bend, Ind. mayor pushed a message of racial diversity and equality during a stop in Sioux City last Thursday.

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A western Iowa college says it has found new internships for dozens of international students who were facing being sent home by the end of January because of a problem that unfolded with a visa program.

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President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign sent in some surrogates this week to motivate women voters ahead of the Iowa caucuses. An arm of Trump’s 2020 campaign called Women for Trump brought its bus tour and message to Sioux City on Thursday.

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Last year, Iowa lawmakers set aside $15 million for flood recovery projects. A state board awarded all of the money to affected communities in eastern and western Iowa. Now, dozens more flood recovery projects are on the table, waiting for the state legislature to put more money in.   

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Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld returned to Iowa this week for the first time since the Iowa State Fair and said he offers an alternative to President Donald Trump on a variety of issues from economic conservatism to climate change.

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Plans to build a $49 million new jail in western Iowa’s Woodbury County could go to a referendum vote as soon as March 3. County officials said Tuesday that ongoing problems with the current jail are becoming more frequent.

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A Democrat who's been running for president longer than anyone else in this cycle is pulling out all the stops to gain traction ahead of the Iowa caucuses next month. Former Maryland Congressman John Delaney has set out to visit at least 40 towns in Iowa ahead of the caucuses. 

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Democratic presidential candidate and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is touting a surge in her campaign, about a month ahead of the Iowa caucuses. She returned to Iowa less than a week after completing visits to all of Iowa's 99 counties.

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Native Americans gathered in Sioux City for New Year’s Eve Tuesday night to honor their heritage with music and dance, and set an example of living a healthy lifestyle. 

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Southwest Iowa farmers are preparing for next year after suffering big losses from this year’s Missouri River flooding. Some say they are worried about more flooding in 2020, but are sticking to their livelihood.

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Medical cannabis has been available to thousands of Iowa patients for a little more than a year. Before someone can use it, a doctor has to certify they have a medical condition that qualifies them for the program. But in some parts of the state, there aren’t a lot of doctors doing that. 


Sioux City officials say they are working to correct several problems at the local airport, after the Federal Aviation Administration lobbed a hefty fine against it.

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People in eight cities across Iowa rallied Tuesday, calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump and urging Congress to vote to impeach and remove him from office. 

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An updated trade deal between the United States, Canada and Mexico is bringing widespread relief to many farmers in the Midwest. 

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Low-income communities hit hard by natural disasters recover more slowly than wealthier communities do, according to a new report from the Iowa Policy Project.

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Devices that measure water levels along the Missouri River show the river has finally dropped below flood stage between Sioux City and where the river meets the Mississippi River near St. Louis.

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At least one home in southwest Iowa’s Fremont County is still sitting in high water nearly nine months after floodwaters from the Missouri River inundated parts of the county.  

Michael Leland / IPR

Some southwest Iowa communities are still recovering from last year’s devastating spring flooding from the Missouri River, and they’re watching for warnings of possible flooding in 2020. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is emptying out flood control storage in the Upper Missouri River Basin reservoirs to lower the chances of flooding next spring. Nick Johnson with Mills County say residents are usually concerned about the possibility of flooding because the county borders the Missouri River, but even more so this year.

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Members of the Native American community will march Wednesday in Sioux City to honor Native children who have died in foster care or are lost to the system. But after a prominent local activist died earlier this year, the community is looking to fill the void he left behind.

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The Sioux City Council decided Monday to toss an 11-year ban on pit bulls and pit bull mixes in the city limits.

The border fence between El Paso and Juarez.
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Immigrants in Iowa continue to play a greater role in the state’s economy. In some of these immigrant communities, there’s increased fear because of tighter enforcement of immigration laws under President Donald Trump. Democratic presidential candidates are running against his messages. They’re also proposing solutions to a system many people believe is broken.  


Western Iowa’s Denison Community School District has determined a high school teacher who used a racial slur last week had “no malicious intent.”

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Students from western Iowa’s Denison High School walked out of their classes in protest Tuesday morning, calling for an outside investigation into racism and diversity issues in the school. This comes after Denison Community Schools placed a teacher on leave for using a racial slur in class discussions last week. 

Courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States / humanesociety.org

The Sioux City Council is supporting an increase in the annual fees for pet licenses, related to a separate measure that would repeal a longtime ban on pit bulls.

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Three Democratic presidential candidates courted Latino voters during a town hall Thursday in Des Moines, while a fourth spoke via prerecorded video.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is working to release a lot of stored floodwaters in the Upper Missouri River Basin to reduce the chances of flooding next spring.


The Iowa Department of Transportation is raising some sections of Interstate 29 north of Council Bluffs to keep traffic moving even when the Missouri River is at flood stage.

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A northwest Iowa food processing plant that was idled last spring has been bought by a new owner.