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Sioux City hopes to draw more people into the city by making part of its riverfront more fun and interesting.

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Dentists from around the state gave free care to hundreds of people in Sioux City Friday. For many of the patients, it’s difficult to afford such care on a routine basis.

children's mental health board
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Advocates for mental health solutions in northwest Iowa believe there are a lot of barriers that need to be addressed as a state board works to draft recommendations for a children’s coordinated mental health system.

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Becoming a United States citizen is complicated. Immigrants are often faced with many choices in an unpredictable process that can take years, even decades.

In Sioux City, an immigration services nonprofit recently tried to replicate these challenges, by simulating what the citizenship process is like.

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Crews are working to rebuild a collapsed bridge in northwest Iowa after nearly 40 rail cars derailed and more than a dozen fell into the Floyd River.

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After last week’s heavy rain, a small city in northwest Iowa is trying to conserve its drinking water.

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Cleanup has started in northwest Iowa after a train carrying sand and soybean oil derailed Sunday on a bridge over the Floyd River.

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Parts of northwest Iowa saw up to 10 inches of rain over the last couple of days, which caused manure systems at nearly 30 livestock operations to overflow.

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Four years ago, a major northwest Iowa food processing company closed. The site will soon reopen under a new company that plans to bring lost jobs back to the area.

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In just two months, a combat vessel named after Sioux City will be commissioned a Navy warship, ready to deploy around the world.

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Growing up, Sioux City native Ron Clements often attended screenings of Disney films that showed for two weeks at the city's Orpheum Theatre, but it was a reissued screening of Pinocchio he saw when he was nine years old, that turned the lightbulb on — he knew he wanted to be an animator for Disney.

"I became obsessed by that movie," Clements told a crowd Friday during his talk at the 14th annual Sioux City International Film Festival. "I drew the characters and drew the characters and went back to see it until it left."

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Funding and staffing issues have led Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources to close its only fish habitat monitoring station on the Missouri River, leaving some western Iowa residents unhappy. 

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Native American activists say they see a void in northwest Iowa as their people try to heal from alcoholism, drug abuse and traumatic experiences. They built a sweat lodge over the weekend in Sioux City that they hope will inspire people to seek out the healing they need.

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Some western Iowa residents say they’re concerned about wind projects being planned nearby. Energy developer Invenergy is planning almost 170 wind turbines in Sac and Ida counties.

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Results of an investigation into an August fish kill in northwest Iowa show animal manure is likely the reason dozens to hundreds of fish were found dead in the Floyd River.

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State officials are looking to expand digital literacy at six high poverty elementary schools across Iowa. They visited a Sioux City elementary school on Wednesday to learn about how students have benefitted from computer programming.

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Some western Iowa school districts are letting voters decide this month whether or not they should issue bonds to fund school improvement projects.

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Bison are helping sustain a diverse native prairie in western Iowa through grazing.

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Cleanup of a June crude oil spill in northwest Iowa is expected to continue through October. Officials from one county in the region recently met with the state and those involved in the cleanup to learn more about the process.

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An annual survey that tracks civility in the United States recently found the vast majority of people believe civility continues to be a problem in the country. 

But a project to revive civility is hoping to make a difference, by visiting several cities in Iowa to encourage people to have more civil conversations with each other.


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A Chicago-based developer is bringing two wind farms to western Iowa as part of an effort to generate more clean energy in the region.

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Average temperatures this August in Iowa have recently been cooler than usual because of a more active air current called the jet stream.

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A recent complaint filed in federal court in Sioux City alleges agrochemical company Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup gave a man cancer.

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A retired police officer taught Sioux City Community School District staff what to do in an active shooter or violent situation – something that has been on the minds of many since a shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida left 17 students and staff members dead. 

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The Democrat who hopes to unseat Republican Congressman Steve King  in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District told state fairgoers Saturday that residents in the district are suffering from the Trump administration’s tariffs and they need someone fighting for them. Coming from a farming family, J.D. Scholten says he believes he can be that leader.

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Human-caused climate change will trigger more intense rain and more frequent heat waves in the Midwest, according to a recent climate assessment.

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Advocates for a planned western Iowa detoxification center for people recovering from addiction say there is a real need for one that serves Native American and homeless people.

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Three Western Iowa counties are exploring new ways to coordinate regional mental health services next fiscal year after a series of disagreements led to what some call an uncooperative relationship.

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More than 40 researchers from around the world gathered in northwest Iowa last week to share their studies on single-celled algae organisms called polar marine diatoms. These organisms are the base of the food web in the polar regions and can reveal a lot about the Earth’s changing climate.

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Flooding in northwest Iowa earlier this summer propelled an invasive species of fish called Asian carp towards the Iowa Great Lakes, but biologists say a barrier seems to be keeping them out.