Amanda Horvath

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Republican David Young is the new Congressman from Iowa’s third district. He beat Staci Appel with 53 percent of the vote. Young says he will start working for Iowa on day one of his term.

“And you folks have the power to hire and fire,” he says.  “I’m not loyal to any party leadership, any president, this group or that group. You’re in charge here. This is self-determination, you’re the boss.”

Young celebrated his victory just a few blocks from his home in Van Meter. He says his campaign staff made a huge difference.

Amanda Horvath

In April, Drake University’s business school gave up its accreditation before it could be taken away. How are they doing this semester without accreditation?

Amanda Horvath

There are at least 15 thousand immigrant children living in Iowa, some of them are refugees. As that number continues to grow one Des Moines organization is trying a different approach to help them adapt to their new lives.

  On the north side of Des Moines a dozen immigrant and refugee children produced a mini documentary.

Iowa Senior Games / Iowa Sports Foundation

Starting Thursday, the 28th Iowa Senior Games expect to bring in a record-breaking 900 participants. Iowans 50 and older can compete for titles in more than 80 events. One man plans to compete in nearly half of them.

Jim Schlick was lifting weights in his Ames home in preparation for the weekend. He’s 52 and said he’s always enjoyed staying in shape.

“As I do these dips…I’ve seen a commercial probably 20 years ago but it was a 90 year old guy barefoot skiing on TV. And I always told my family that I am going to be that guy.”

Photo by Amanda Horvath

Almost a week after the Younkers building in downtown Des Moines went up in flames, emergency crews from the scene are revealing their experiences. During a press conference with members of the Des Moines Fire Department, Lieutenant Randy Jones says his team was the first to arrive at the seven-story burning building.  He says as they worked their way to the top floor, they could only get to the fourth level.