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Iowa Farmers Hit 'Speed Bump' With Recent Cold Weather

Pat Blank
Farmers hope for warmer weather now that much of the corn and soybean crop has been planted across the state.

Iowa farmers have hit a bit of a speed bump with widespread frost and colder temperatures.

Iowa State University Extension Field Agronomist Paul Kassel said he hasn’t had any reports of damage but the cooler weather has put a damper on growing progress.

We’re kinda losing out here on leveraging our early planting. We like to plant early to kind of extend the growing season and increase the amount of time during the summer months when we can fill the kernel and the pods that’s probably the overall bigger concern,” said Kassel.   

The state’s soybean farmers set a new record last week by planting 46 percent of the crop by May 3. The USDA says this is the highest proportion of soybeans planted by that date since records began in 1974.

Monday’s report says a little more than four and a half days were suitable for fieldwork this past week.  Ninety-one percent of the corn is now in the ground and 71 percent of the soybean crop is planted.