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Gov. Reynolds Takes Oath of Office

John Pemble / IPR
Gov. Kim Reynolds take the oath of office administered by Justice Susan Christensen as Kevin Reynolds holds a bible.

Gov. Kim Reynolds has been sworn in as the first woman elected governor of Iowa. She won a four-year term in November, after serving out the remainder of Terry Branstad’s term.

During her speech Friday morning, Reynolds said too often people look to government to solve their problems and focus more on what everyone else is doing wrong. She says social media can be an accelerant for this way of thinking.

“Too many have become dependent on their phones, captive to social media and to the bitterness and pain that exists there,” said Reynolds.  "I see it less .. here than in other parts of our country. But I see it. And if we aren’t vigilant we will lose our character. We’ll lose our small town way of life.”

In praising Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg referred to a quote by former president and Iowa native Herbert Hoover.  He said great human advances are brought about by distinctly uncommon people like Gov. Reynolds.

"Governor, you’re the one who shattered that glass ceiling under the golden dome,” said Gregg.  “You’re the one who made it possible for little girls to know that even they someday might achieve the highest level of leadership in our state. You’re the one who made history.”

Gov. Reynolds began her service as a county auditor 24 years ago. She became the Lt. Governor of Iowa in 2011.

John Pemble is a reporter for IPR