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Cedar Rapids Provides Shelter For Evacuated Pets

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If it’s not safe for people to be at home due to flooding, then it’s also not safe for pets. That’s why Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control is sheltering four-legged companions who can’t accompany the humans who are evacuating their homes.

Animal Care and Control Program Manager Diane Webber says the agency’s old building was completely flooded in 2008. The city agency's new facility is designed to accommodate more animals during times of crisis.

"All the cages were done in such a way that we can double the space up when necessary for a short period of time," says Webber. "But if it should roll over and we actually need more space than we originally anticipated. Kirkwood College Campus has always been a huge partner of ours...So we do have roll over space available here on the campus."

To prepare for emergency situations it's recommended that pet owners keep an updated file on their non-human companions so that shelters or foster homes can see to special medical or dietary needs.  

The city is providing the pet shelter for a free as a emergency service. Animals receive beds, food, water, toys, vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick treatments, and walks.

So far 43 cats, 35 dogs and one rabbit will be staying with Animal Care and Control until water levels recede.