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Folk and Rock Re-Interpreted for the Little Ones

Elizabeth Mitchell's album for children, You Are My Little Bird, has quite a few songs that adults might recognize -- and like -- too.

It's a compilation of re-interpreted folk and rock songs, from artists ranging from the Velvet Underground to Woody Guthrie. The album is also a family affair: Mitchell's husband, Daniel Littleton, and their 5-year-old daughter Storey also perform on it.

Mitchel plays with her husband in the indie folk-pop band Ida. She started recording children's music after teaching at a nursery school in New York City.

She explains why the "adult" songs on You Are My Little Bird are also good for the younger set.

"That's the great thing with songs -- you can interpret them any way you'd like," Mitchell says.

She also talks about how parenthood changes your life.

"When you become a parent your whole lens changes, you think about everything, or at least I do, differently -- even a song," says Mitchell.

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