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'Live' Pipe Bomb Diffused Outside Central Iowa Polling Place

A polling place in Ankeny was evacuated for about three hours Tuesday after a live pipe bomb was found in the parking lot.

According to photographer for The Des Moines Register who was reporting from the scene, a crew clad in bomb suits surrounded the device and safely detonated it. Voting resumed this afternoon at the precinct where ballots were being cast in a special election in the Ankeny School District.

The Polk County Auditor issued a statement after the polls closed. Jamie Fitzgerald, in a tweet, thanked poll workers, election staff, Ankeny Police, the Iowa State Fire Marshall’s Office and the Des Moines ATF for keeping voters and poll workers safe.

Ankeny Police say no other pipe bombs were found in the area. They’re asking anyone with information about the incident to call the Ankeny Police Department.