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Hinson Claims Victory In The 1st District, Finkenauer Campaign Reviews Results

Iowa's 1st District includes 20 counties in northeast Iowa

Despite trailing after last night’s vote count, Democratic 1st District Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer has not conceded the race to Republican Ashley Hinson.

The latest tally from the Secretary of State’s office had Hinson leading Finkenauer by about 11,000 votes. In a speech to supporters, Hinson said she wants to heal the division brought about by what she calls "partisan bickering."

“It’s really time to come together and I think this election signifies that here in Iowa,“ Hinson said. "I’m ready to go to work with anyone — Independents, Republicans, and Democrats — to get good things done for Iowans here in the 1st District, because that’s what you deserve and that’s what you’re sending me to Washington to do.”

Finkenauer’s campaign manager issued a statement that says in part, “Given tonight’s historic turnout and the record number of votes cast early and by mail, Finkenauer for Congress will continue to review election returns and data on outstanding ballots."

The campaign says it will review the data quickly and provide an update Wednesday.

Under Iowa law, ballots received as late as Nov. 9 may be counted, as long as they were postmarked by Election Day.