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Some Latino Leaders Say Debate Offered No Clarity

Patrick Semansky
President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first presidential debate Tuesday in Cleveland.

A group of Iowa Latinos watching last night’s presidential debate say they didn’t come away from the event with a better understanding of where candidates stand on certain issues.

More than a dozen of Iowa’s Latino leaders met over Zoom for a bilingual watch party Tuesday. Those speaking interwove Spanish and English quickly when the presidential debate came to an end.

One of those speakers was Alma Puga. She organized the event and is the vice president of the LULAC chapter in Denison.

The debate was filled with interruptions on both sides, and both candidates frequently talking over each other.

Puga said people who don’t speak English really lost the debate last night because it must have been hard for interpreters.

“They wouldn’t be able to translate all of it completely. It would be too difficult," Puga said.

Most of the speakers agreed it was disappointing that the candidates did not speak about their ideas for solutions to many of the country’s problems. They say the debate left them without any clarity on where the candidates stood on the issues. Carla Rivas-D'Amico of Battleground Iowa agreed.

“There was no clarity because it was so chaotic. Just the talking over and the talking over," Rivas-D'Amico said.

Overall, they came to the consensus that neither candidate truly "won" the debate.