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Iowa Producers May Hit Turkey Trifecta In 2020

Iowa Turkey Federation

The recently announced new trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico has the state’s turkey producers feeling like they’ve hit the jackpot.

Iowa Turkey Federation Executive Director Gretta Irwin says Mexico is Iowa’s No. 1 customer followed by China.  In November, China announced that it was lifting an import ban that had been place since 2015.

“And even our turkey feathers were not allowed to come into China and as you think about turkey feathers, you say, wow what do we use turkey feathers for? Well, decorative masks, costumes, feather boas, even fishing lures. China would make those products out of our turkey feathers," said Irwin.

Now that USMCA has been approved that means all three of the state's top turkey markets are likely to accept imports. Mexico, followed by China and Canada. 

Details of both agreements have yet to be announced, but Irwin said she expects turkey producers will benefit greatly from exports in 2020.

Pat Blank is the host of All Things Considered