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Woolstock Honors Reeves

City of Woolstock
Located on the north edge of town.

  A new distinction for an Iowan best known as Superman; a town sign now proclaims Woolstock as the birthplace of actor George Reeves. The story from Rick Fredericksen. 

A renovated town sign now displays a photo of George Reeves and honors him as a humanitarian, veteran and actor.  In the 1950s, he was the original TV Superman but appeared in more than 40 movies. Reeves historian Veronica Guyader says he was always concerned about being stereotyped.

“He really wanted to show that he was more than just Superman, so we decided to honor him in the way he wanted to be honored, which is by his true self and not a character he played.” 

The Woolstock house where Reeves was born was torn down in 2011. The new sign, with lights and landscaping, will be dedicated at a special event this fall. Rick Fredericksen, Iowa Public Radio News.