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EleanorGrace's New Single 'Timeless' Is A Mood

Mollie Ryan
EleanorGrace's new single, "Timeless," is out today.

EleanorGrace never imagined she’d be releasing a new song in the midst of a global pandemic. But that’s what happened, and she’s actually pretty excited about it.

The 16-year-old singer-songwriter has pursued music as a career for a couple of years now, while attending online school. She's a graduate of Girls Rock! and has performed at the 80/35 festival.

She's released her second single, “Timeless.” It comes about a year after her first single, “Lighthouse,” which is nearing 160,000 plays on Spotify.   

Eleanor started writing “Timeless” last fall, during a time where she felt uncomfortable with herself.

“I felt like I was in a mindset where my thoughts just repetitively swung in between being anxious about the future and regretful about the past, and the few moments I took to think about the present weren’t exactly positive,” she said. “I think ‘Timeless’ was my way of trying to reassure myself that I can get where I’m supposed to be in the future, while still letting myself exist in the present.” 

Eleanor recorded “Timeless” as a part of a class through Drake University, in which students got to  have a part in the production and recording process. “It was really cool to work in that setting and see what other people saw in the song,” said Eleanor. 

Credit IPR/Tony Dehner
EleanorGrace performing at the Gen Z stage during the 2019 80/35 festival.

As for the global circumstances surrounding the release of “Timeless,” Eleanor has made her peace with it.

“It definitely feels different to be putting a song out in the middle of a global pandemic, but I’m really glad it’s something I have the privilege of doing,” she said. “There’s one lyric in Timeless, ‘I’ve put my life on hold for the world again’ that when I wrote was kind of an exaggeration of something I was going through. Now, it’s almost literal and has taken on an entire meaning associated with the state of our Earth for me. The lyrics in the chorus about being bored and feeling young and ignored are also strongly resonating. I hope the song can find its way to others that might feel the same and bring them the same peace this song has started to bring me.”

All streaming profits from proceeds from “Timeless” are being donated to the Food Bank Of Iowa.


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