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Let These Five Iowa Artists Distract You From The News

Omar Prestwich

There’s a flood of news regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus across the state and across the country. It’s important to take a step back, even if just for a moment, to think about something else.

Here are five videos from Iowa artists who have recently played in our studio or have joined us for Studio One Underground, our live concert series at xBk in Des Moines, that we hope offer you some respite. 


Dickie played in our Cedar Falls studios showcasing their newest album “Minus Thieves.” Their performance of the song “Last Breath of Rock Roll” is the kind of thing you want to hear at the end of the day while you kick back with your favorite beverage. 

Penny Peach

Iowa City's Penny Peach came to our Cedar Falls studios to jam out with her band "The Sexy Bois." If you're in the mood for some loud guitar, here's "2 MANY PPL 2 PLZ."


Subatlantic also had a new album in 2019 called “Villains.” They dropped by Studio One to promote it, and in this video they’re playing the song “Sell Out,” which has the potential to give you chills in the best way.

Stutterin' Jimmy and the Goosebumps

Stutterin’ Jimmy was our guest for Studio One Underground at xBk in January, and played the perfect set to relax to. So sit back, and let “Brought to You in Mono” turn self-isolation into self-care.

Volcano Boys

This video is from another Studio One Underground show at xBk. Volcano Boys are a project of Iowa musician Jordan Mayland. This video is a lot of fun for big chords with great harmonies. 

As you enjoy these videos, we also want to remind all music lovers that what’s happening right now is unprecedented. This public health crisis will have an impact on the arts community across the state and across the country.

If you can, buy merch, pay for your music and tip your favorite artists who are hosting concerts by livestream.