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The Raconteurs Tell The Story


A raconteur is a skillful storyteller.  The Raconteurs are a rock band, with roots in Detroit and currently based in Nashville.  As is the custom with rock 'n' roll, the story is told here not just with words but also with attitude and electric guitars.  Raconteurs co-founders Jack White and Brendan Benson play the guitars.  As the high profile frontman, White has the edge and charisma to get across the attitude.

Jack White made his reputation with The White Stripes, and went on to start up both The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather before his partnership with Meg White offically ended in 2011.  He also has worked as a producer and maintains an ongoing solo career.  After eleven years, it was time for a new Raconteurs project.  Their third studio album is "Help Us Stranger."

White and Benson wrote all of the music, with the exception of the band's cover of a Donovan song from 1965 that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the record.  Donovan's "Hey Gyp" was itself based on an older blues song by Memphis Minnie.  That's fitting; Jack White's knowledge and respect for the blues is a key to his success.  It's part of the story told by The Raconteurs.