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Yeasayer Reins In Experimentation For New Record


Since their beginnings over a dozen years ago, the Brooklyn band Yeasayer have been known for their arty experimentation.  For "Erotic Reruns," their fifth studio record, the weirdness has been reined in and the songcraft has been stepped up.  

Yeasayer titled their previous album "Amen & Goodbye," perhaps signaling some sort of transition was coming.  "Erotic Reruns" was produced by the band, with recording done in each of their individual home studios, and then released on their own (rather unimaginatively named) Yeasayer Records.  The band played together live in the various studios, focusing on the nine songs and not so much the noises and sounds that could have augmented those tracks on their earlier records.

The distinctive Yeasayer synth touches and rhythms are still present, but this time it's all in the service of a more accessible presentation.  "Erotic Reruns" won't strain anyone's attention, with nine songs delivered in a total time of 29 minutes.  There's a political current running through the album, with Yeasayer even naming some names as they comment on the current administration.  And as the record's title would indicate, there are love songs.