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Lily DeTaeye Previews A Much Different Sound With New Single 'Hurt You'

Meanz Chan
Special To Iowa Public Radio
Des Moines native Lily DeTaeye

Lily DeTaeye's first album "Nothing To Say" is a whimsical journey, full of pop ballads and light acoustic tracks like "Footie Pajamas." As she gets ready to release her second album, prepare for something different. 

She's debuting a new single "Hurt You" in preview of her new record which is slated for an early fall release. 

"Hurt You" strikes a tone that feels more mature than DeTaeye's previous work, and that's exactly how she wants it to sound.

"This new song acts as a really good transition into what to expect next," she says. "What I'm working on now is a little darker. The new album will have more of a blues rock feel, and it deals with issues of mental health and what it means to be a young woman in our current political climate."

When DeTaeye's recorded her first album, she was just starting high school. She'll be done with college and starting a much different chapter in her life by the fall when the new record is released. "Hurt You" is a reflection on that transition and what it means to grow up and confront fear. 

"I wrote this new single during a really tumultuous time in my life," DeTaeye explains. "I started recognizing this thing in myself and my friends – an aversion to intimacy. When you start getting really close to somebody, it's easy to want to destroy the relationship when it starts to get real. So, this is about accidentally hurting the person you’re getting close to but also about hurting yourself."

In a post #MeToo era, where there's an ongoing conversation about what it means to feel safe in intimate moments, "Hurt You" and its themes are nothing if not relatable for all of us. 

Lindsey Moon is IPR's Senior Digital Producer