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Featured Release This Week From Metric + Tracks Top 30 Playlist

This week's Featured Release is Art Of Doubt, the latest album from Metric, another twenty-year-old indie rock band with a dependable track record.  Plus, they're Canadian, a factor that somehow adds to the expectation of quality.  Even more exotic than that, frontperson Emily Haines was born in India, although her parents are American.  It's the seventh full-length record from Metric, with the Toronto group changing up their decidedly synth-based sound this time out.  It's guitars in the forefront for Art Of Doubt.     

Here are the Top 30 new album releases played on Studio One Tracks for the week ending Oct. 21, 2018:

1    Interpol- Marauder

2    Metric- Art Of Doubt

3    Cat Power- Wanderer

4    Tokyo Police Club- TPC

5    Phosphorescent- C'est La Vie

6    Kurt Vile- Bottle It In

7    Paul McCartney- Egypt Station

8    Mitski- Be The Cowboy

9    Spiritualized- And Nothing Hurt

10  LaLa LaLa- The Lamb

11  Iron & Wine- Weed Garden (EP)

12  Low- Double Negative

13  Colleen Green- Casey's Tape/Harmontown Loops

14  Jerry Paper- Like A Baby

15  Elvis Costello & The Imposters- Look Now 

16  Waxahatchee- Great Thunder (EP)

17  Jen Cloher- Live At The Loft And Loew's (EP)

18  The Jayhawks- Back Roads And Abandoned Motels

19  Saintseneca- Pillar Of Na

20  Mothers- Render Another Ugly Method

21  Basement- Beside Myself

22  Bottle Rockets- Bit Logic

23  Hippo Campus- Bambi

24  Molly Burch- First Flower

25  St. Lenox- Ten Fables Of Young Ambition And Passionate Love

26  Jonathan Richman- SA

27  Hymn For Her- Pop N Downers

28  Gold Star- Uppers And Downers

29  Wild Nothing- Indigo

30  Jim James- Uniform Clarity

Mark Simmet is a Senior Producer and Studio One Host