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Brass Bed on Java Blend August 24, 2012

Originally started as a psychedelic recording project in 2004, Brass Bed describes their produced and performed sound with the words “sunshine, sarcastic and sullen.” With a light-hearted, indie rock sound, the band pulls influence from 60’s revivalist bands like Dukes of the Stratosphear and the Elephant 6 Collective mixing feel-good rhythms with vocal harmonies and foot-tapping keyboard and guitar solos.

Rooting from Lafayette, Louisiana, the group likes to write music that doubles as a sort of rock and roll history lesson and an elevating musical experience. Members include Christiaan Mader, Jonny Campos, Peter Dehart, Jacques Doucet and Andrew Toups. Their most recent album, Melt White, was released in the fall of 2010 and is “contagious, poppy and fresh” according to fans of the group.