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Iowa Week 2020: Listening To Black Voices


Iowa Week 2020: Listening To Black Voices

You’re a native Iowan, so you know everything there is to know about this state, right?  Well, maybe.

Whether you’re new to Iowa or a lifelong resident, you know there are a lot of things that make our state what it is.  Every year, Iowa Public Radio’s talk shows dedicate an entire week to a specific theme that focuses on things uniquely Iowan.  We call it “Iowa Week.”  It may be the famous and influential people who have called this state home, the numerous ways in which our state has shaped history or the artistic side of our state.  “Iowa Week” highlights the things you may not have known about Iowa.  

This year, we've seen nation and statewide protests calling for equality and racial justice, a movement lead by Black Americans. In Iowa, a predominantly white state, Black voices are often overshadowed. Iowa Week 2020 will be a week of programming dedicated to listening to Black voices. Tune in or catch the podcasts of the show the week of October 19th.

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