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Branstad "Disappointed" in Abortion Ruling

Joyce Russell/IPR
Governor Terry Branstad

Governor Branstad is unhappy with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down a Texas abortion law.    

The case dealt with the same issues the Iowa Supreme Court considered when it upheld Iowa’s telemed abortion program.   

The Texas law required abortion clinics to be near hospitals, so doctors performing abortions can admit patients if there are complications.

It also required abortion clinics to meet certain building, equipment and staffing regulations.

Branstad says states should be able to protect the wellbeing of their citizens.

“I’m disappointed that the Supreme Court made that decision,” Branstad says.   “I think the states should have the right to determine those matters.”  

Plaintiffs in the Texas case cited the Iowa Supreme Court ruling which concluded banning telemed abortions creates an undue burden on women seeking abortion.  

The plaintiffs made the same argument about the Texas law, and the U.S. Supreme Court agreed.   

Both courts decided that the abortion restrictions were medically unnecessary. 

Branstad says both courts are wrong.

“I was very disappointed when the Iowa court sided with Planned Parenthood against our Board of Medicine on telemed abortions,” Branstad said.   “I think that was a bad decision.”

As a result of the Texas statute, half of the 40 abortion clinics in the state were forced to close their doors.

Abortion opponents in Iowa have tried to pass similar restrictions.  

Those bills have not made it through the Iowa legislature.