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UI Faculty Group Censures Incoming President

University of Iowa photo
UI President-select Bruce Harreld

A group representing faculty in the University of Iowa’s Liberal Arts College is censuring the UI’s incoming president, Bruce Harreld.

Language and Cultures Professor Russ Ganim chaired the Faculty Assembly, a group representing the broader Liberal Arts faculty. He says censuring President-select Harreld isn’t meant to humiliate.

“The purpose was not to embarrass anyone,” he said.  “The purpose was to reaffirm our core values. First and foremost of those values being intellectual honesty. And academic integrity.

The censure is calling out imperfections in Harreld’s application resume’.

“It’s important to underscore that when someone applies for a job every item on the CV needs to be accurate,” he said.  “There cannot be misrepresentations.

Up to now, faculty groups have been criticizing the Board of Regents for hiring Harreld, who has business credentials, rather than traditional academic administration.

Harreld’s job application resume’ lists a self-owned company Harreld formed when living in Massachusetts.  He is no longer using for his business, and has allowed the charter to lapse.  The Liberal Arts faculty leaders are also censuring Harreld for not identifying co-authors in listing professional writing.

Ganim says the censure’s effect is reaffirming academic and professional integrity values.