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Watching out for Bald Eagles


The splendor of watching our national symbol soar over Iowa skies is more noticeable than in the past. The Bald Eagle is making a comeback from years of being on the endangered species list. But, although the threat of the poisonous insecticide DDT, which thinned the bird’s eggshells, is banned there are other perils. Karen Disbrow is president of the Iowa City Bird Club. The Club is taking part in Saturday, February 9th Eagle Expo in Coralville, which features speakers and exhibitors at the Brown Deer Golf Club and eagle viewing at the Coralville Dam spillway. Disbrow says one hazard that threatens eagles is lead shot from deer carcass….

Details at coralvillelake.org. Other eagle watches will be held at Effigy Mounds, Saylorville, and Sioux Rapids in coming months.