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Look the other way: Stories to distract you on Election Day

A "VOTE HERE" sign is in the foreground with two girls working a lemonade stand in the background.
Madeleine C King
In Des Moines' Sherman Hill neighborhood, La'Dasiah, 13, and Ke'Ailah, 7, have set up shop. They're selling a special (secret) lemonade mix across the street from their local precinct on Election Day. They've bumped the price down by a dollar today only to thank those who are getting out to vote.

You've voted and now all there's left to do is wait for the results. Avoid election anxieties with these feel-good stories from IPR and NPR.

Click to listen to each story.

In for a bit of light reading? Take a breather with these great stories:

As the newsletter product manager, Madeleine (she/her) coordinates and writes for Iowa Public Radio’s newsletter portfolio, including The Daily Digest and Political Sense.