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A New Study Details the Economic Impact of the Arts on Central Iowa

Bravo Greater Des Moines

As the annual Des Moines Arts Festival gets underway, an arts support council is releasing an economic impact study. The results are meant to show the arts contribute to more than just the quality of life.

The study for the organization Bravo Greater Des Moines was conducted by the national group Americans for the Arts. It shows the arts are a $185 million industry in Central Iowa and employ nearly 5,700 full-time workers. The executive director of Bravo, Sally Dix, says the arts play a serious economic role.

“We want to make sure they understand that an investment in the arts not only drives the quality of life, but it also drives a central economic benefit to the region.”

Dix says she's proud of the findings.

“Hopefully everyone will use this data for a minute to celebrate, but then after that we need to use this data to inform, how can we move forward,” she says.

Dix says Bravo will use the information to ensure it’s making sound investments in arts programs in the future.

The study comes as the Des Moines Arts Festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary.