The Iowa Public Radio app allows you to live stream, read local news stories and listen your favorite shows and podcasts on demand. Download the Iowa Public Radio app for free and keep us with you wherever you are! 

To download the Iowa Public Radio app, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

App features:

  • Listen to Iowa Public Radio's News, Classical, and Studio One streams live
  • Pause and rewind live audio
  • View schedules
  • Explore On Demand content - listen to shows you missed this week, including Talk of Iowa, Morning Edition, Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! and more
  • Share stories & programs with family & friends 
  • Wake up to Iowa Public Radio wherever you are with the alarm clock!

Listen in your car:
If you have BlueTooth in your car, you can use it to listen to the stream through your car stero. Simply connect your phone to your car's BlueTooth and start playing! 

Issue: The app won’t play the stream. What can I do?
First, are you connected to the internet or using your data plan? If not, connect and then try to play the audio. If you are and the stream isn’t loading, double-check that you actually have internet and you aren’t showing a WIFI connection without internet – that would prevent any content from updating. To check this, you’ll need to check your modem or router. Once you’ve confirmed that you have an internet or data connection, completely close and restart the app.

Issue: I’m worried about the amount of data I’m using through the app. Any suggestions?
If you’re at home or work in an office that offers employee internet, join the WIFI network. If you’re unable to join a WIFI network, the amount of data that the app will use is very low. If you want to know the exact amount, clear your device’s recent data usage history and start tracking with just the app open.

Issue: I’m worried that you’ll access other information on my device. Is that true?
No. We do not access other information on your device. While we may send you push notifications around news or other events, we do not access any information on your phone. For additional information around this and information we collect about you, please review our Terms of Service and our Privacy PolicyIssue: My device is running really slowly. I think it’s because your app is open. Why is that?
It’s not necessarily because our app (or JUST) our app is open. Your mobile device is very similar to a desktop computer or laptop – it needs to be restarted every now and then. Give it a restart first. That will force all of your open apps closed, stopping all processes they might be running. You should notice your device is working better once it restarts. If it’s still slow, think about how old your device is – if it’s more than 3 – 4 years old, it could be slow because the apps that you’ve installed are built using more computing power, meaning your device can’t handle those processes as well. We hate to say it – but in this instance, you may need to think about purchasing a new device. If it truly is isolated to just when you have our app open and you’ve completed a restart, Contact Us and we’ll investigate further.

Additional Support:
If you have questions or comments about how to use Iowa Public Radio's app, you'll find support within the app. Tap the "menu" button and then tap "Help." There are multiple ways to submit your support requests from there.

Additional tech support is provided by Public Media Apps.

Other app recommendations:
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