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Grassley Says GMO-Labeling Vote Not Likely This Summer

GMO-free Vermont maple syrup breakfast sausage.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley says Vermont's GMO-labeling law will almost certainly go into effect before the senate can vote on a nationwide bill. 

Starting Friday, all products sold in Vermont must have labels disclosing which ingredients are genetically modified. 

Because many products are sold nationwide, this state law is becoming the de facto national standard. 

The food and agriculture industries want a national law overriding Vermont’s legislation. But Grassley, an opponent of the Vermont law, says it’s unlikely the senate will vote on a bill until this fall.

"With just a few legislation days before July the 17th, and adjournment for the conventions, and then the August summer break we won't be back until September," says Iowa's senior senator. 

Some companies, like General Mills, have altered their labels to comply with Vermont, even though they oppose GMO labeling.