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Iowa House Passes Children's Mental Health Proposal

A bill that creates the framework for a children’s mental health system in Iowa passed the Iowa House of Representatives Thursday. It directs the state’s mental health regions, which administer the adult mental health system, to develop and provide services for children. Gov. Kim Reynolds proposed the bill after receiving recommendations from an advisory board. Rep. Joel Fry, R-Osceola, said it seeks to provide equal access to services across the state. “We can say we have passed a robust...

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DNR Suspects Chemicals From Sioux City Base May Be Contaminating Residents' Private Wells

Hort Day

Mar 12, 2010

The "Hort Gang" returns from Iowa State University. Spring is about a week away and we're starting to think horticulture!

Edward Hopper’s oil paintings feature scenes of emotionally detached New Yorkers in metropolitan environments where the viewer is often forced to fill in the dramatic blanks as to what his subjects are doing. The most famous of which is "Nighthawks", depicting three customers at a late night diner. The early 20th century American artist frequently depicted women in his paintings that some say are vulnerable scenarios.

What obstacles do new farmers face? The challenge of access to land, the availability of finance and credit, creating new markets and implementing the 2008 Farm Bill are a just a few of the topics we'll explore with Neil Hamilton and Matt Russell from Drake Law School's Agriculture Law Center. Drake recently hosted a forum in Washington D.C. examining challenges for farmers. Later we examine the use of cover crops and their benefit to land sustainability.

Home Improvement Day

Mar 11, 2010

We'll "deconstruct" on this edition of the program with Bill McAnally of Iowa Central Community College. The focus will be on dismantling buildings to create jobs, recycle waste and drastically reduce materials that would normally go to the landfill.

Gambling in Iowa

Mar 10, 2010

A new state report shows revenues from Iowa's gambling casino industry dropped considerably in 2009. The report comes as Governor Culver urges the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to approve new casino license requests. We'll talk with community leaders seeking gambling operations and examine the economic development aspect of casinos in Iowa.

Politics Wednesday

Mar 10, 2010

IPR's Jonathan Ahl talks to Arnie Arnesen, New Hampshire political analyst, and Steffen Schmidt, Iowa State professor.

Beer be gone

Mar 9, 2010

Some Iowa liquor stores are rushing to return their inventory of high alcohol beer because of a sudden change in state law. Late this morning the Governor signed legislation that changes the state’s beer distribution system leaving both retailers and the state scrambling to un-load a product with a very limited shelf life.

Gun Debate

Mar 9, 2010

After a partisan and sometimes angry debate, the Iowa House passed a bill to restrict the gun rights of domestic abusers. The bill has the support of Iowa police and prosecutors.

Human Rights

Mar 9, 2010

Host Ben Kieffer talks with Jane Olson, Chair of the International Board of Human Rights Watch about the "survivorship stories" she has witnessed in 30 years of travel to war zones in Nicuragua, the former Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

This month: Iowa's rabbits. They're an important part of Iowa's wild food chain and we'll find out about that role. Also, how to protect your garden and plants from their hearty and varied appetites.


Studio One Featured Release

Featured Release This Week From Mercury Rev + Tracks Top 30 Playlist

Bobbie Gentry had one huge hit song, and it was a good one. The atmospheric and mysterious "Ode To Billie Joe" is fondly remembered to this day. Gentry's follow-up to that song (and accompanying full-length LP) was her 1968 album The Delta Sweete , which expanded on "Ode" themes of Southern life and culture. Fifty years later, The Delta Sweete had largely been forgotten. Crate diving indie bands like upstate New York's Mercury Rev don't forget, however, and the group have recorded a brand new...

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Under the Golden Dome

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Under the Golden Dome: Appointing

The governor appoints hundreds of people to serve in state departments. The roles range from board member, director, or member of a judicial nominating commission. All of these individuals require confirmation by the Senate by a two thirds majority for them to continue in their appointed role.
Some of these appointees visit a Senate committee. Former Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen, did that this week with the Ways and Means Committee. Two weeks ago he was appointed as the director...

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Iowa Arts Showcase

Through short interviews, your host, Jacqueline Halbloom highlights the efforts and activities of non-profit arts and culture organizations throughout Iowa.