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Fievel Is Glauque, 'I'm Scanning Things I Can't See'

Fievel Is Glauque puts a gritty spin on jazzy, psychedelic pop. It ​​doesn't seem like the type of sound that would land a band tour dates with Stereolab or a newly announced deal with Fat Possum. But, against all odds, the wonderfully wacky New York City/Brussels band is breaking out of its experimental niche.

Fievel Is Glauque's new single, "I'm Scanning Things I Can't See," is its first for the aforementioned Mississippi label. It was recorded using a vintage Tascam cassette machine and possesses a lo-fi, homespun quality. Over 2 1/2 minutes, blocky piano chords and a shuffling drum groove are peppered with proggy synth and guitar flourishes. Even at its busiest, the cut pushes back on the carnivalesque maximalism explored on last year's Flaming Swords. "I'm Scanning Things I Can't See," along with the music video's addition of "Dark Dancing," reinforces that Fievel Is Glauque's music is baffling and eclectic, even at its most simplistic.

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Ted Davis