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Foyer Red, 'Pocket'

In less than three years, Foyer Red has carved out a wonderfully weird niche for itself in the New York City rock scene, merging pastel-tinted psych pop and hectic prog. Foyer Red initially cut its teeth as a trio, but recently expanded the lineup to include five people. The band's new single, "Pocket," reflects this increased potential for maximalism. It takes an already wonky formula and kicks the quirkiness into hyperdrive. Frantic woodwinds and electric guitar flourishes are supported by a barren, motorik groove and lyrics that ponder everything from time travel to capitalism. "They say / You can touch the sky / Passing by / All the other places in my mind," multi-instrumentalist Elana Riordan spunkily talk-sings on the song's final verse. "Pocket" plays like the soundtrack to a high school musical beamed in from some alternate reality where everything is made of Playdough.

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Ted Davis