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Davíd Garza, 'Rock & Roll Heart'

You may not know Davíd Garza first for his own music — though he has more than three dozen releases under his own name — but you likely know his work. Garza was a producer on Fiona Apple's Grammy-winning Fetch The Bolt Cutters, and has worked with other notable artists like Gaby Moreno, Rhett Miller, Juliana Hatfield and John Legend, while also having his hometown of Austin declare May 12 "Davíd Garza Day."

With "Rock & Roll Heart," Garza gives us an acoustic self-portrait filled with a kaleidoscopic array of memories, coupled with a broad canvas of iconic figures that populate his metaphorical travelogue. "Roll over Black Mamba / Tell Nipsey the news / They're canceling Van Morrison / No more Belfast blues," he sings in a warm, melancholy tone. The song doesn't have a solo or bridge, but the simplicity of Garza's soft guitar strumming pulls us further into his world as he marvels at his lifetime of duality, which is about as rock and roll as it gets.

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Joe Kendrick