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Identifying gender identity restrictions in schools and unintended property tax increases

John Pemble / IPR
The east end of Iowa's Capitol during winter 2023. The smaller domes are undergoing maintenance.

Bills limiting discussion of gender and personal pronouns in schools that differ from a student’s biological gender listed on their birth certificate are advancing. A House proposal requires parents to be notified if public school staff hear a student is suggesting they are going to change their gender or pronoun. Supporters say parental notification should be mandatory but opponents have concerns this proposal will stop a student from having a safe space to talk about this potentially sensitive issue. Late last year it was quietly discovered property taxes would unintentionally rise higher due to an unforeseen result of various tax law changes. But that information only recently became widely known early this year as cities and counties are finishing their budgets. If a new Senate proposal becomes law, local governments will not have enough revenue to fill their new budgets.

John Pemble is a reporter for IPR