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Subcommittees lay session groundwork

Iowa's Capitol during the winter. John Pemble / IPR
John Pemble
Iowa's Capitol during winter 2022. John Pemble / IPR

It’s the first of several full weeks of subcommittees. Not all bills advance from their first subcommittee hearing. Last year a large bill passed in the Senate about eligibility requirements for many public assistance programs. It did not advance in the House. Now part of the Senate bill dealing only with SNAP benefits comes to a House subcommittee. Also in subcommittees is proposed amendment to the state constitution that would expand and reinforce victims rights. There's a proposal to limit changes to required school vaccinations and a bill that would make Iowa exempt from potential future federal decisions that restrict firearms.

HSB 502 Asset verification for SNAP benefits

HSB 525 Constitutional amendment for victim rights

Iowa chapter 915 victim rights

SF 2079 (formerly SSB 3004) Education school immunization

Iowa Code 139A.8 Immunization of children

SF 2002 Iowa exempt from potential federal gun restriction