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'Wait Wait' for Feb. 26, 2022: Hail to the Chief Edition

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This week, we're celebrating President's Day with some of our favorite moments from the show, with guests Ed Begley Jr.; Yamiche Alcindor; Antoni Porowski; and The RZA. Plus, a tribute to our friend P.J. O'Rourke. Click the link above to hear the full audio.

Ed Begley Jr. Plays Not My Job
Ed Begley Jr. is an environmental activist and one of the most prolific actors working, having appeared in over 300 projects over 55 years. It took some digging, but we finally found a movie he DIDN'T star in, so we invited him to play a game we call, "Ed Begley Jr., Meet Bee Movie Sr."

Panelist Fun:
Our panelists Maeve Higgins, Luke Burbank and Cristela Alonzo tell three stories about the value of math, only one of which is true.

Yamiche Alcindor Plays Not My Job
Yamiche Alcindor is the host of PBS' Washington Week, so we invited her onto the show to answer three questions about the week's washing: specifically, laundry.

Antoni Porowski Plays Not My Job
On Netflix's Queer Eye, food and wine expert Antoni Porowski is a member of the beloved Fab 5, so we decided to ask him about another fabulous fivesome, the Spice Girls.

The RZA Plays Not My Job
The RZA is one of the godfathers of hip-hop and the founder of the Wu-Tang Clan. Naturally, we invited him on to ask him three questions about Tang, one of the godfathers of powdered orange drinks.

A Tribute to P.J. O'Rourke
We fondly remember our friend and panelist P.J. O'Rourke with some of our favorite moments, including a conversation with Faith Salie.

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