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Melaner, 'Banana Split'

While those of us in the Northern hemisphere are gearing up for the dreadful trudge towards the colder winter months, Afro-Latina singer Melaner knows just what we need, and turns up the heat with "Banana Split." The Brazilian funk-inspired track is Melaner's second single of the year, continuing the anthemic self-assurance of "Accidente" as she exclaims "Perdiste los sentidos, ni siquiera te tocado" ("You've lost all your senses, I haven't even touched you") over a delicious discotheque-ready beat. Heavy on the drums, "Banana Split" is a fun and flirty banger, certain to keep spirits high and the cold from our bones.

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Fi O'Reilly Sánchez
Fi O'Reilly is a production assistant for Alt.Latino.