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Lady Gaga, 'Babylon (Bree Runway & Jimmy Edgar Remix)'

It's truly a blessed day for the online queer community: Dawn of Chromatica has finally graced our ears. The record, a track-by-track remix of Lady Gaga's 2020 album Chromatica, jumps from EDM to speedcore to forró (shoutout Pabllo Vittar) and features two versions of the closer "Babylon."

One of the best things around the original "Babylon," in my opinion, is that it gives camp. If there were a music video, it would probably have a bunch of folks in togas and plastic laurel headbands voguing down a cobblestone runway. Rising popstar Bree Runway and glitch-house producer Jimmy Edgar understand this. It's a song that was already a dance-floor classic, but by swapping the '80s-inspired piano for a plonking bass synth, it gives "Babylon" that final push to conquer the clubs. Bree herself delivers lines like "Face card on and it never declines" with conviction, leaning fully into the fun of the source material. And whether you're a Little Monster or simply a casual listener, you can't help but want to "serve it, ancient city style" in response, whatever that means.

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Reanna Cruz
Reanna Cruz is a news assistant for NPR Music's Alt.Latino.