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UPDATE 1/4/2022: Tune in to The Limits with Jay Williams+ for conversations on how successful people define, push, and conquer their limits... all without sponsor messages.

UPDATE 12/17/2021: Good news for quiz fans and pop culture lovers alike. We've added Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! and Pop Culture Happy Hour to the NPR+ subscription offerings. More details below!

Starting today public radio podcast listeners can purchase subscriptions for individual shows through Apple subscriptions channels, making it easy to support their favorite NPR podcasts. NPR podcasts are still available for free... subscribing is just one more way to support public radio.

Subscribers will enjoy sponsor-free versions of leading NPR shows across news, business, culture, and more, including:

  • "Code Switch" (Apple Podcasts 2020 Show of the Year)
  • "Fresh Air
  • "It's Been a Minute
  • "The Limits with Jay Williams"
  • "Planet Money"
  • "Pop Culture Happy Hour"
  • "Short Wave"
  • "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
  • To subscribe, navigate to the show's podcast page — via the links above, or by searching for the show in the Apple Podcast app — and click on the "Subscribe" button.

    Today's not the day? You can continue to listen to these shows for free, as always.

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