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Restaurants Struggling In Pandemic Look To Better Sales, Aid Package In 2021

A report from the National Association of Restaurants says that even if restaurants hit their expected 11% increase in sales in 2021, it won’t be enough to cover the losses from last year’s shutdowns.

As one in six U.S. restaurants have closed, the Independent Restaurant Coalition is lobbying Congress for a $120 billion relief package to keep them afloat.

Host Peter O’Dowd speaks with Caroline Styne, leader of the coalition and co-owner of several Los Angeles restaurants, about the state of the industry.

Here & Now wants to hear from minority business owners who were forced to permanently close down during the pandemic.

Tell us about how the pandemic impacted your business, what factors influenced your decision to close and what you’re doing now.

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This article was originally published on WBUR.org.

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