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Here Are The Honorable Mentions In The 2020 NPR Student Podcast Challenge

4-H and All it's Glory

A Breath of Fresh Insanity

A Day Prospect Will Never Forget: Remembering 9/11

A Message That Must Be Heard

A to Z of embarrassing life stories with Shreya and Kelly: Childhood Craziness

Abuse of Power

Accessibility to Sports

Almost Lost to History

American Dreamers

An Ode to Music

Arbe Banat Verschiedener Nationalitaten Ahu zai America

Article 13 and You: A Little Look at a Small School

Asian American Immigrants: The Impact of Generational Gaps

B Team is Underrated

Battle With The Big Boys

Behind the Border: Immigration and Refugee Crisis

Behind the Scenes (Moo)

Betelgeuse Podcast

BeU - Beautiversity

Beyond the Hilltop, Episode - How did we get here?

Bobcast - The Stay at Home Episode

Brady's Fabulous Podcast

Brain Breaks for Students

Breaking Racial Barriers through Courageous Conversations

Burgers or Bust

Burnt Toast Podcast

Census 2020

Chicken Nugs

Children of Breast Cancer

Cinema Science

Climate Change - What Can We Do?

Cold Case Colonial Killer

Colonial America Podcast: Hour 2 Theresa, Harrison, Isabella, Mya

Concussion Chaos

Condiments: Shedding light to the problem with US education

Cool Kid Culture

Coronavirus: Faces Behind the Facts

Council Rock Indians or Council Rock [Insert politically correct name]

Covid Kids

Cyrus' Coming to America Story

Dating Podcast

DB Cooper

Depression and Kids

Discriminatory Democracy

Dismal Daydreams

Disney Princess Mothers

DNA, Disease, And Determination: The Life and Work of Rosalind Franklin


Empty Glass

Everybody went Streaking??

Everyday Anxiety Every Day

Field Day 2020

Finding Out About Funds

Food Features

Gender Bender

Girls Have IT Day

Go in Dumb, Come out Smart

Have You Heard About Ms. Conduct?


Hidden Among the Pages

Hometown Heroes

How Do We Perceive Good Grades

How Does Happiness Change as We Age?

How Music Affects the Brain

How Social Media Portrays Ones Body Image

Impact of the Unlikelies

Inkwell Radio

International Students & the COVID-19 Pandemic

Innovell (Episode 1) - Can an AI Write a Good Podcast?

International Student Podcast

Is a Hotdog a Sandwich or an Entity in Itself?

Just Because It's Normal

Keeping Up With The Senators: MURDER AND BETRAYAL

Kentucky Castle

Kids On Air: "I'm Not Gonna Like Candy"

Let's Fail: Lauren and Chloe's Podcast

Life Ain't Easy

Life Struggles: So many different stories.

Living With A Brain Injury

Love, Starwest

Lucky Cat Podcast

Me, The Public Schools and Gifted Education In Massachusetts

Meatless Mondays in school

Middle School Mash Up

Migration Nation

Miracle At MayFair Apartments

Mr. Tellier - Concentration (NPR)

My love for JAZZ

My Two Days of Truth

Mysteries of a Forgotten Hospital

NFL Podcast

No Neutrality

Now You Are Not Alone

NPR Podcast - Mr. Engle

Ohio River Flood (1937)


Online Choir

Open the Doors

Our Planet is Heating Up, "Weather" We Like It, Or Not

Out of this World Podcast

Parental Decisions

Personal Beliefs vs. Science


Podcast Project

Podcasting 101

Policing the MTA

Politics, Bias and Finding Oneself

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Popping the Bubble

Pretending to Adult

Project Palladium

Quantum Supremacy

QuaranTEEN Diary

QuaranTeen'd: Adolescence at a Distance


RealTime with Sam Barrett and Joe Torres

Reap What You Sew


Recycling Rocks!

Reusable Rockets

Rising Like a Phoenice


Rivals Special Edition: Prospect reacts to Astros cheating scandal

Robert G Cole's Purple Heart


Saving Our Island: Earth

School Dress Code

School Shootings

Sequoia Speaks; Unplugged

Show of Hands

Shower Thoughts Podcast

Shower Thoughts: Is Water Wet? What else are we confused about?

Silent Spring Outspoken Women

Small Town Gays


So Much For Our 5th Grade Year

Social Issues Of VAHS

Social Media Snap

Softball vs. Baseball

Some Podcast https://soundcloud.com/esloterbeek/some-podcast

Sports Injury Prevention and Awareness

State Senator Maureen Walsh and her impact on Walla Walla

Stigma & Judgment - The Everlasting Sentence of Prison

Stories of Worcester State Asylum

Story Telling

Stresscast Ep 1: High School

TeenBloc - Word on The Street

Teens Suffer in Silence

The AIDS Crisis

The Arcadia Update

The Bachelor

The Beauty Within

The Binterviews

The Bird That Wouldn't Leave

The Blank Podcast

The Chop House

The Dark Side of Glitter

The Fetishization of the LGBT Community

The Giant Basket

The harmful effects of the dehumanization of immigrants in the U.S

The History of Chocolate

The Importance of Being Bilingual in the US and Abroad

The Importance of Family Dinners

The Incentive n Equality

The Infamous Watermelon War

The journey of a refugee to America

The Last Word on Racism

The Life of a Multiple

The Little Theatre

The Lives and Wisdom of Central Indiana's Heroes

The Origin of Friendship

The People vs. The Electoral College

The Psychology Behind Sexism in Debate

The Quarantea

The Rising Cost of Menlo Park, CA

The Rules of War and Autonomous Weapons

The Sacrifices of a Gang Member

The Social Renegade

The Stigma Behind Being a Male Dancer

The Story Behind - Warrior Way Sign

The Theater Community During COVID-19 and How We Are Responding

The Town That Built A Miracle

The Untold Stories Project


The Grammys: According to me

Therapy Dogs

Three Wishes Podcast

Tik Tok: Good or Bad?

Trey's Life Podcast

Under Pressure


UNsocial Media

Unsolved Mysteries of an Ancient Indian Temple

Uranium Fever

Video game rage: Is it Real?

Virtual Code, Real World Harm

We All Have Faith, Regardless

We are the future but Don't Forget the Past

We Must Take Sides

We Need To Know More!: Investigating Opioid Addiction in America

We Rant About Chocolate

Weekend Podcast

Welcome to Black America

Welcome to Senior Year: If You Have Time to Breathe, You're Doing Something Wrong

What is happiness?

What's In Store For the Amazon Rainforest

What's the Deal with Florida Man?

When the Lights Went Out

Where Did It All Start?

Why Teens Are Spending More Time on TikTok Than Instagram

Why We Dance

Why we should be kinder to our custodial staff?

Wide World of Cake

Wildcast: Martin's Episode

Wonderful World News

Yasmine's Podcast

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